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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name - Laureano Rangel

age- 47

playing -27

origin of username-After some time playing drums I started to be moved more torward drumming as a expressive media than showmanship

top 5 drummers- Bill Bruford, Steve Gadd, Neil Peart, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith

Drumkit- Yamaha SCA

Cymbals- Zildjian

Practice - when I rehearse

In a band? 3 bands, two english speaking and one spanish speaking

Covers or originals- 90% covers, 10% originals

style - lately, classic rock, I also have been involved in Heavy Metal, Jazz and Latin Bands

take out food- Spanish food

country- now living in US

Odd fact- Back in the eighties I played on a Rock band in Venezuela that never became too famous to make the cut. We had the chance to produce two records. Our second record was so commercially unsuccessful that next year of their production you could find it almost free at record stores, however I don't know how it became a rarity and last year I saw somebody bidding for 300 $ at ebay for a copy of that record!

How did i start drumming- My older brother is a Classic Piano Player, when I was 5 years old, I played "maracas" (a venezuelan folk instrument, it souds like a shaker) with him in family parties. I fell attracted to percussion instruments. When I was 9 years old I saw a drummer on a band and starting at that moment I asked my dad to buy me a drum set. They were too expensive in my country, but I never give up. Finally, I bought my own drum set with saving the earnings of my first job when I was 19 years old.

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