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Originally Posted by Wegadrummer
yeah... a good example is the drummer for Him too.. he is not so good, but since the band are popular,he is sponsored..
again what do you mean 'he is not so good'? what are you better?
fact is he plays what suits the music, he plays in time, he is hired and kept on by a professional successful international band so he must be doing something right, also to those that find his playing too 'simplistic' well bear in mind - Valo writes all aspects of the songs and lyrics and may even be writing the drum parts as from what i understand he plays drums himself and is a competent rock drummer (listen to the Daniel Lioneye album 'The King of Rock n' Roll'). Valo may want nothing more than backbeats and the occasional fill. Fact is i really enjoy his drumming - though i would only throw in some stewart copeland/john bonham/travis barker 'clever' fills - stuff that fits 'backbeat' groove music but with just a little more flair. However i love HiM so a bias is there.
but as nutha_jason pointed out

Does Gas Lipstick (HiM drummer) stay in time? do his drum parts suit the songs (i find it as a say a bit siplistic but then the songs are the perfection of the art of simple but pwerful sounding songs)? is he competent/consisent live (i can personally confirm that)?
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