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Default Re: New kit...parents say no.

Originally Posted by fijjibo View Post
Me - I like to think Im a competent player, but I also feel the need to get that next bit of gear, constantly.
Dont we all!! So far I've bought everything i've wanted, and not necessarily needed. But now i've learnt that to live with what I have ans really scrimp and save for that little bit longer an not settle with second best. Karl save up for that Sonor and you'll be so glad you did.

Originally Posted by ironcobra View Post
Personally, I will never sell a drumkit, try to keep it. especially if you have to face your parents answer, when you have a child, a pretty Tama kit like yours would make one FINE birthday present
Wise words. Touching in fact, no joke! You are completely correct about not selling a kit. At the moment I am building my kit to my ideal place but I have not sold anything that has been replaced, it helps to swap and change things around and give the variety to your playing and kit. Hope all our views are helping Karl,

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