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Default Billy Ward drums FS for charity... please check this out!

This is a rather serious post that is announcing an upcoming sale of one of my drum kits for charity.

Many of you may know that my sister in law, Meghan Robinson, passed away fifteen years ago after contracting aids. To this day, my wife and I are heartbroken over Meghan’s death.

Today, there are more than 15 million children orphaned by AIDS. By the year 2010, that number will exceed 50 million. Who will care for, feed, educate, and raise these precious lives? I believe the world needs a greater involvement in the fight against AIDS, the most devastating disease the world has ever faced. We cannot ignore the cries of the three million people who will die of AIDS this year, not to mention the five million more who will contract it. We must do our part to arrest the spread of this horrific disease.

This coming December 26 through January 6, Aaron Cushing, the illustrious webmaster at my website, has informed me that he will be traveling to Ethiopia to work with missionaries who have dedicated themselves to the fight against AIDS. Though the costs of this trip may be high, the return is undeniable. Aaron told me he expects this trip to be a challenging, exhausting, yet life-altering experience for him and his team. Aaron believes that it will have a far-reaching impact in the lives of many people. Our world will be stronger. Aaron and his wife have decided what their roles are in helping this cause.

I’ve been thinking of my possible role as well and have decided that the most effective way to raise money to help is for me to auction a DW drum set from my personal collection. But certainly all of you are invited to take your chance on winning this wonderful kit. This drum set is one of a kind. It appears several times in my DVD, “Big Time”. The movie kicks off with a drum solo on radically de-tuned drums. Those are the drums that will be available for purchase. One Hundred percent of the money made from this auction (after shipping expenses) will be sent to Aaron to help his expenses on this trip. The drums are a DW Maple short stack tom kit. The color is a tobacco sunburst with (no longer available) black mini-lugs.
Condition of this kit is near mint to mint. You can view some pics of this kit from the discussion forum of my website:

The sizes are as follows:
12 X 20 bass drum with May EA (AKG D112) microphone shock mounted inside.
4 X 12 snare drum
10, 12 and 14 short stack toms (3 total)

The 12” deep bass drum and 12” snare with only 6 lugs are two of the unique qualities of this kit. This kit is a perfect addition to ANY drummer. There isn’t a smaller kit in the world that sounds as mighty on any stage. It was designed to be my local jobbing kit and has been used on a handful of local dates with the likes of Joan Osborne, Leni Stern and Jon Pousette-Dart. (You might remember Pousette-Dart from our appearance at the 2000 MD Fest)
You won’t believe how these drums sound and look! If requested, I will sign each drum of the kit before shipping.
So that’s it. I will try to let you know when it is going to appear on ebay. I expect it to go up on ebay this coming Friday. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please post here or on my own forum and I'll respond.

Billy Ward
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