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Default Re: Terry Bozzio drum pic

Originally Posted by druid View Post
Anyway I guess my point is in the times I actually did get a chance to talk with him and not stage handlers….he has been pretty cool.

I suppose anyone can have bad days though and not want to talk. I met Buddy a couple times and he was …let’s just say a little rough and dismissive at the time.
Great post, thanks. And seriously, if we use Buddy as the "Gold Standard" of a warm and fuzzy guy then pretty much every other drummer is cool to his fans by comparison. Some guys are just not interested in being nice to fans, but of the many pro drummers that I've met most are nice guys who occasionally have bad days, just like the rest of us. I judge them first and foremost by their drumming, and Terry is a flat out phenomenon behind the kit, and he also happens to be a pretty cool dude.
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