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Default Re: New kit...parents say no.

Originally Posted by ironcobra View Post
Tell it to your parents straight I paid for it and I want to sell it, its MY choice, if they dont listen, do it anyways, i doubt they will stop the fed ex truck halfway through the country. i dont know if anyone already said something like this, but im to tired to read the whole thread, just the posts made by you.

As far as i remember, you wanted a Sonor, but heres where my opinion comes in:

since your not a super rich rockstar, who can buy any kit they desire, your kits mean a lot to you, they are the instruments that have propelled your drumming career. Especially your first kit. What I'm trying to say is that each kit you own should be very hard to get rid of, try to save up enough money for the Sonor and keep your Tama, they both will have things that the other wont.

Personally, I will never sell a drumkit, try to keep it. especially if you have to face your parents answer, when you have a child, a pretty Tama kit like yours would make one FINE birthday present
No, of course they wouldn`t stop the Fed Ex guy, though if it is UPS I could imagine they do stop him: They drive right next to the UPS guy on the highway, jump into the UPS car because it has no doors like all UPS cars, throw the nice UPS man out and then engulf the car in a lake.

Seriously now...I`ll wait. Like many people here said, patience is important now. My parents really react irritated when it comes to this topic.
I`ll see whether I can keep my Tama or whether I would have to sell it.


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