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Default Re: Terry Bozzio drum pic

Originally Posted by BrokenGlass View Post
it's impressive, but my experience with him and from others is that he is a giant jerk.
That's really too bad. He may not come across as a type of guy that you'd like to have a drink and watch a game with (Bermuda, Dom Famularo, and Joel Rosenblatt immediately come to mind), but I found him to be extremely polite and professional, especially considering the circumstances.

I could have gotten in touch with his publicist and scheduled an interview, but instead I approached as just another fan during a break at a show. He had just finished the first half of a gig thirty seconds before and was walking towards the back door to take a much-needed breather. I asked him if maybe at some point that night he could take a moment for a quick chat, and he said, "Sure. How about right now."

He's been a highly successful musician for 35 years, and I'm sure he's had to endure this type of interaction thousands of times. I've been a fan of his music since I was a kid. This event cemented my admiration of him.

Back on subject, I have a huge amount of respect for drummers who have mastered the small kit but it's no secret that I love big kits and the musical and percussive opportunities that are unique to them. Terry's message is not the same as the message of small kit masters, and there's no reason that his mode of communication should be the same as theirs.
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