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Default Re: New kit...parents say no.

I feel your pain. Living with parents can be hard just like raising kids can be hard. Sometimes you have to make compromises for everyone's happiness just like they have for you.

My parents wouldn't let me have a kit till I turned 18 (and was about to move out shortly) because of the noise factor; now looking back at that time - I doubt I was constructive enough to have done much even if I had owned a kit prior to then. I never really gave my parents too much credit especially during the latter 20% of my living with them, but now that I live away from them I've learnt to really respect things they did for me and values they instilled in me.

I consider you a really mature person and when you really think about this, you'll realize that this isn't that big a deal to get frustrated over. Eventually, I'm sure you'll find a way to balance all this out (your license, new kit, parents) and everyone will be happy.

It's your personality that makes you the most loved person on the forum and we're here to help in any way we can.

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