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Default Re: New kit...parents say no.

Firstly: Thanks so much for your words, whether kind or rather "teaching" really touches me! Great to hear all your opinions and suggestions.

Thanks ALOT for that...

Originally Posted by Jon Cable View Post
Karl, you have a genuine and wonderful talent, we all respect your playing and your kindness when you pass comments on others playing; I know you're frustrated about all this but honestly my friend, have patience. You will be surprised how quickly time passes and you become your own man, and then, God willing, you're in a position where no-one can tell you what to do, or when [until you get married!!]
You'll be fine bro, we all understand what you're fighting, just sometimes a compromise is as good as a victory. Don't let this cloud your playing, or your vision of your future. All the very best, jc
Originally Posted by DogBreath View Post
It's easy for me to say at my age, but.... patience, my friend, patience. The time will come when you will be able to make any decision that you wish and do anything that you want, and you are only a few years away from that time. You are a very talented drummer and I sincerely hope that you continue to make drumming the priority in your life. I look forward to your career as a drummer and I want to be able to say that I knew you way back when you were just a kid. By the way, I want back stage passes to all of your North American shows.
Jon, Thomas: Yeah, patience is the thing I have to get. You know, drumming will be always so important in life...haha, sometimes I even worry whether a woman could live with me without getting crazy about my passion.
Now, if they also don`t allow maybe something like trading I think I can just wait...and wait...till I`ll definitly do it, till I am "free".

Oh and Thomas: If I`m not able to go so far with drumming and do shows in USA...(I guess that) I`ll visit you anyway. And yeah, many others from the forum.
But I think I`ll start in Las Vegas...haha, this city always reminds me of you, Fat Elvis and the TV-show CSI.

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Getting your driving licence should take priority over new gear. I don't know how I would survive if I couldn't drive.
Yep, that`s the reason I first wanna save up money for my license. That was also the reason why I don`t (didn`t) wanna spend extra-money on the kit.

Originally Posted by DamoSyzygy View Post
Interestingly I hear the same argument from young people when they buy their first kit "Cmon Dad, buy me this kit, I swear Ill play it forever."
Really, I rarely think about selling when buying gear. In that moment I just enjoy and take what I can afford and which sounds best to me. Though that doesn`t mean that I play it forever...
But I guess when getting older this changes...who knows.

Overall I have to say that not getting a kit or getting a kit won`t change anything. I love the moment of making music and being creative...doesn`t matter if it`s on the most expencive kit or on some cooking pots. In the end it is about drumming and making melodies and rhythms...a new kit would just inspire and would be pleasing...but it`s never most important or so.

Thanks guys,
I`ll see what time brings.


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