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Default Re: New kit...parents say no.

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Karl, I can understand why you're irritated by the attitude of your parents toward your plans.

But, what you should bear in mind that your Superstar is a lovely kit and it sounds great. It's about the player and not the equipment, and you really are an excellent player my friend. Eventually you'll have the kit you want, but it may mean waiting. Patience is a virtue and it's just going to be a waiting game. You'll get what you want eventually.

Don't be too disappointed. The tone you develop when you play is excellent. Your gear is perfectly good for you now; and athough your mother doesn't always see eye-to-eye with you, she does have your best interests at heart and you just have to accept her opinion for now.
Yes, you made up some good points, definitly.
I think that patience is important....they Superstar is some great gear, no doubt.
And yeah, the player is most important...of course!

But every day I play it, every day I get to know new sounds, every day I try new kits, smaller kits I wanna sell my Tama for a smaller one. And for example letting it build is possible for the price.
The thing is that they just don`t allow it. They don`t allow to order something which really pleases me and inspires me.

Same thing with my hats: Wanted to sell my HHX Evolution hats, I wanted something lighter. They said no...but they were more open so they decided to allow that deal. For they money I bought the Turk hats btw.
In theory I did some money loss if you compare the prices but I just love my Turk, 1000 times more than the HHX.

Same case with the kit now.

PS: At least one good thing: I`m trade my HHX Evolution splash for a Dream 20" Bliss III Ride, about next month. My parents tried to avoid that, in the end they said: "Do with it what you`ll see how all that ends."


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