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Default Re: New kit...parents say no.

Rob, you`re right. The same way I see it...but well, my parents won`t allow me either way. they think I would keep my Tama my whole life. And I say, no...definitly NOT.

And they say: Okay, when you`re 18 you can do it...then we can`t avoid it. But that is not logical. I have to keep it 1 1/2 years...then I`d get a new one anyway.

I mean, why not say yes now and everybody would just be happy again. They always tell me that I have no cent and that I don`t wanna earn money...I can`t say that I`m rich but through teaching I`ve earned $165 the last half year before I wanna sell all my old toys and will probably get about $200 for them.
Also I plan to teach again, privatly...I`d earn about $220 through privat teaching.

So they can`t tell me that I do nothing for future, driver license or for a kit.

Bad thing is just that they`re not open for all those thoughts.
And in general they`re always doing something for money. I hate the fact that they walk around with signs in their eyes.
My "father" (not my real one, my real father understands me) who lives with my mother makes music, too...and he does it for the money. Have never seen him on stage having fun.

And this shall be my idol? NO, THANKS.

Another point is about the argument "I would have this kit in my practice and recording room 90% of the time, another reason for not doing it.":

My father plays keyboard and trumpet, plays maybe 3 keyboard gigs in a year....and wanna buy the new Yamaha MOTIF XS7, the BIG model for $3600.


thanks alot for your replies my friends....thanks for listening to me.


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