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Default New kit...parents say no.

Isn`t such a long story...but yeah, it is as simple as that: My parents won`t allow me to sell my Tama and get a new smaller sized kit.

Here is the thread about the selling-buying story btw:

Today while having breakfast they laughed about letting a kit build and then just said that they won`t allow me all that.
They are just horrible when it comes to selling gear and buying something you like. Their arguments are:

Selling a kit for 1000 and then getting one for 800 is bad because you lose money. If you wanna sell it again you will have to sell it for even less...

I would have this kit in my practice and recording room 90% of the time, another reason for not doing it.

Firstly: I take what I can take and what I really enjoy. And who talks about selling??? Strange, they didn`t plan selling when I bought my Superstar Custom, they didn`t calculate anything.

Secondly: Maybe yes, maybe not...if I had some jazzier gigs here. Such a small set-up doesn`t go well on modern Rock gigs or so. For all the gigs I play I use my Basix 5-piece because they work better in those settings.

Jazz is nearly dead here!!!

Overall I can`t stand the attitude of my parents when it comes to selling gear and buying gear...or trading it.
For example the parents of the guitarist in my band tell her to do what she wanna do with her`s her decision.

What do you think?
Have you experienced similar situations?


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