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Default Re: I got a drum tattoo for my birthday.

allrighty here we go.

First one I got about two years ago. I still have yet to go back to get it finished up. It needs to be colored in a bit more. Took approx. 2 hours straight. It was my first tattoo and the back of the leg where your knee bends....hurts, really....really bad!

My other one I just got about 2 weeks ago. It's a memorial tattoo for my good friend that just passed of brain cancer. He was the owner of the Drum Center of Lexington, so the the drumset in the center is part of the drumcenter logo. This one didn't hurt at all really, but my mind was more on loosing my friend at the time so I wasnt thinking about the pain. It took about an hour and after it heals i'm going to go get more added onto it as well.

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