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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Hey Phil!

I was looking for cascara/songo ideas and I came across clips from your video on YouTube. When I saw the 6/8 - 4/4 formula and demo it was like a light bulb turned on and what I had thought was so hard for all those years suddenly became really easy to understand and play. Thanks!

When are you going to have an NTSC version of your DVD? I may just go out and buy a new dvd player just to watch your video.

I am really interested in exploring more son/songo/cascara styles - Can you recommend a couple of recordings that I might want to check out? I have been listening to Buena Vista Social Club, Afro-Cuban All Stars and there is a really good local band called Papa Mambo that I have been checking out. What should a newbie to this stuff start with for good examples - especially bands with drumset players? As well, I am waiting to get my copy of "Conversations in Clave" in the mail - any other drum books/dvd's that you can think of (other than yours of course!)?

You are doing really cool stuff. Come to Canada and I will buy you a beer!
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