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Default Re: Joey Jordison

Well..alot people in there dont even know wut Joey can do...

First, he is not a bad drummer (well...some people on this page even told that he suck...well, play like him, judge after). He is by far not my favorite drummer and cant be compare for sure to alot of godly drummer like Berzerker, Cryptopsy, Hate Eternal, Satyricon, Quo Vadis, etc., but dont forget that he isn't only a drummer.
He write songs for slipknot with Paul. He write songs too for Murderdolls (who is one of the suckiest band out opinion.) and he play guitar in that band (well, most guitarist like me will tell u that wut he play in that band is a joke...12 kid can play stand up ...). But when u put all that together, u have a nice complete musician. Finally, i found his drum solo on Disasterpiece great, not the best, but nice to see it live. Well...i think i talked enough..
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