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I have been a Rush fan since 1978 and Neil has been a huge influence. After watching the Work In Progress DVD, I came away with the feeling that Neil truly does "study" drumming and music and that is what makes him as great as he is. At times I find his fills a bit repetitive, but I wouldn't trade his chops!! Neil brings out so much variation in his playing style that it kind of sucks to pigeon hole him in the genre of "rock." He is obviously so influenced by big band and jazz and swing that you have to believe he would make a similar impact in those circles as well. Listening to the Burning for Buddy CDs is testament to the fact he is not just a timekeeper. On the horizon, I see John Blackwell gaining the same kind of accolades as Neil. If you haven't seen John Blackwell play live, you have missed out on a one of a kind treat. Glad to be on this forum!
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