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Well being RUSH's Self proclaimed number one fan having seem them 23 times and counting. Neil Peart is I think the most influential drummer instead of Bonham, only because there isn't a drummer who hasn't air drummed to YYZ or the opening to Spirit Of Radio...LOL And once they broke on the scene everyone wanted to be Neil Peart. I read that the first time he was in Modern Drummer. Not to say Bonham wasn't influential because he was, but when you hear of Led Zeppelin you think of Jimy Page and Robert Plant first. But when you hear of RUSH, Neils is the first name you think about.

I have everything they have ever done on CD, VIDEO, DVD including all of their solo projects (Alex's CD, Geddy's CD and Neil's Burning for Buddy Rich CD).

I have always felt that this is the best trio in rock music. And what makes them stand out is their precision to carry out the tunes like they were written in the studio or live. They do improvise sometimes and do things different in some songs, so whoever said they didn't clearly hasn't watched them enough. Limelight is my absolute favorite Rush tune and if they ever changed it to sound different in concert I would be dissapointed.

I'm a huge Living Colour fan and William Calhoun fan, but the first time I saw them live, they overplayed so much it kind of got boring because their individual playing abilities seemed to be the focus, instead of their songs.

Neil may not be the most impressive visually technically sound drummer as far as a Thomas Lang, Marco Minneman or even Mike Portnoy, BUT all of them were heavily influenced by his perfection in his craft and his dedication to his instrument. The man went so far to change his playing style by studying with Freddy Gruber and his kit set-up to make himself better, how many of us would rededicate ourselves to re-learning how to play the drums after playing them the same way for years? Not many...

Whoever said he was boring, really does not have an appreciation for his drumming technique in my humble opinion.

Neil Peart will go down as the most recognizable drummer around for all musicians not just drummers. We all know the drummers but the hearing public and other musicians know who Neil Peart is. My two best budds have no idea who Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd or Dennis Chamber are, but ask them to name any drummer they would say Neil Peart and I love when others say that guy from Rush...LOL They may not know his name but they know who he is, that my friends is influence.!!

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