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Default Re: Slowest Metal Ever

I can respect that. Personally, I like growling, but much of the time I like a combination of growling and clean singing better. Bands like Folkearth, Falkenbach, and Menhir use clean singing a good portion of the time, but when the song calls for aggression, they growl. It all depends on the context. I wouldn't want to hear, say, Pungent Stench, using clean singing. It just doesn't sound right with grindcore. But I love a good power metal band, where a large emphasis is placed high-pitched singing much of the time.

Anyway, back to doom metal. To anyone who doesn't like growling, but likes what they heard in Thrash Drummer's video, Reverend Bizarre doesn't employ any growling. They're a little older school and have some Sabbath-y moments, but an excellent band.
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