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Those of you who are saying Bozzio’s kit is “overkill” probably have not spent much time watching or listening to the material he plays. His view of the drum set is pretty much without a doubt completely different than what most drummers are. For one he plays drum compositions much like someone would play the piano. Hence…the Chromatic toms on his left …and the diatonic toms on his right. Also each of his bass drums are tuned to specific pitches as well. This allows him to lay down ostinato patterns utilizing both rhythm and melody…literally…like bass lines with melodic playing over top of that. Unlike a lot of players who simply have piles of gear up there hitting something every once in a long while for effect…Bozzio plays using all the rules that apply to any melodic instrument…so it would be like telling a piano player to get rid of half of his keyboard in essence. I know peoples first reaction is to think of some guy playing roundhouse fills and long descending rolls like in a ‘prog rock’ sense…but really his music is a little different and more unique than that. Granted it is a different approach to the drums…but I feel it is about more than just showing off how many drums you can have…and his “thing “ is unique and not immediately accessible…but worth checking out.
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