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It's all because of Toto and the nasty reputation Toto has among mainstream music listeners.

What I love best about Lukather is that he's probably on a recording that everyone on here owns and doesn't realize it. His discography is absolutely huge. I think I'll put on "The Tubes" and listen to the tunes that Lukather wrote that got them on the map.

Hahaha, funny. The Lido Shuffle just came on. Oooooo, freaky!

(I have to get the recordings you recommend. I want the Larry Carlton thing he did too.)

Originally Posted by Womble
Right on! I'm always surprised and disappointed when I come across 'Who's your favourite guitarist?' type threads/surveys, because Lukather is never mentioned. The guy's a monster. I'm pretty sure he was also on 'I keep forgettin'', right? Ridiculous rhythm playing.

Mlehnertz, have you seen the Los Lobotomys DVD with Simon Phillips and David Garfield? It's most amusing, Philips obviously plays his arse off, Garfield seems to be completely whacked out on coke, but Luke holds it all down...his ability to play with taste, balls, and yet also restraint is very impressive. And on the TOTO live DVD I mentioned, Lukather does Little Wing as a tribute to Hendrix and Vaughn....for me it's the best guitar solo ever.
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