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Originally Posted by Sam View Post
DW, i knew it! Thank god i have some! :D

Daking has some super gear, at a really good price. I'm thinking about buying myself 6 channels of Daking pre's. 2 Mic/EQ pre's and 1 IV pre. Straight into pro tools.

May i ask what your gigging kit consists of? (i mean sizes in particular)
six channels of daking with EQ available for the kick and snare mics sounds perfect to me!
It's a lot of dough, but definitely the best gear for the money.

My live or studio kit changes depending upon the gig itself. I will usually use either the 20 or 22 bass drum (most of the time, it's one of the 20s - either 12X20 or 16X20). Might choose no woofer - or a 22 woofer or my 28. Hope this helps!

If you listen to the end of that first solo that starts my DVD, Big Time, you can hear the chain on the bass pedal. this is because of all the compression that I applied to that piece.
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