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Default Re: Billy Ward here!

I'm about to sell those short stacks for charity (AIDS) - probably on evilbay. I'll try to keep you guys in touch with that when it happens. If in doubt, check my website - it will definitely be posted over there.

Those short stacks have a more meaty sustain because they have such short shells. Contrary to popular opinion, a shorter shell will have far more sustain than a longer shell.

Re: the miking thing and bass drum sound. i think what Sam is describing is mostly, (first) the drum sound itself. That 12 X 20 bass drum is awesome. The mic probably ahs the least to do with the sound. the meaty sustain and focus of the kick sound is probaboly more from my compression on that channel than anything else. Daking compressor - pricey, but the best tracking limiter I've ever used. I have five of them. Also, the room that was recorded in has a very good/happy bottom end. all of these things are factors.

Thanks guys -
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