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Originally Posted by Zumba_Zumba View Post
I agree, he has not taken the interdependence to the level of Lang, Donati and Bozzio, but listen to some parts on the Hold Your Fire album (Tai Shan?) and Territories and Mystic Rhythms. His latest album actually has a song that is a remnant of that type of playing (drums only on his site if interested). When I read some posts that bash him I wonder if these people are/were listening to the same person I am/was. Neil was certainly more aggressive and very innovative back in the day. Later albums are not so special but their latest album reminds me of Counterparts.
I think its an age thing, and knowing what makes a good drummer. Take a guy Like Keith Carlock and put him next to Virgil. Totaly different drummers. But would you (not you in particular) say Keith is not impressive? Doubtfull. Cause Neil is not doing "Multi Pedal Orchestration" does not not make him a bad drummer. Just as many if not more drummers have wanted to "Be" Neil then drummers have wanted to be Lang or Donati. To me Neil makes drummers want to be better drummers. While Lang, Donati Minnimen and the like(which I respect) make drummers want to be showoffs. Which takes away from being a team player.

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