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Originally Posted by mikeybbdrummin View Post
Absolutely true. And very over looked. I have thought this about Neil when people rag on him. People like to rag on him for what he CAN'T play that others can. So he may be stiff when he plays jazz. He tries. Or is not an independence wizard like, Lang, Bozzio, or Donati. He's not trying to be. Or trying to be Weckle, Colaiuta or Chambers. Thats like not liking a baseball catcher cause he cant pitch like the pitcher. News flash; He's not a pitcher he's a catcher. So WHY does Neil have to play like everyone else? And for Harley G; Listen to some RUSH cd's and dont Judge by a solo. That goes for Portnoy as well. Portnoy is one of the odd time masters.
One thing I know is, inventing a part that sticks is whats important. Think about this carefully;If any drummer walks into a drum shop and takes ONE, not two but One stick and plays the intro to "YYZ" with the bell of ONE cymbal not a whole drum kit, but one cymbal, EVERYONE will know EXACTLY what it is. No other drummer has ever done that. End of Story!

I agree, he has not taken the interdependence to the level of Lang, Donati and Bozzio, but listen to some parts on the Hold Your Fire album (Tai Shan?) and Territories and Mystic Rhythms. His latest album actually has a song that is a remnant of that type of playing (drums only on his site if interested). When I read some posts that bash him I wonder if these people are/were listening to the same person I am/was. Neil was certainly more aggressive and very innovative back in the day. Later albums are not so special but their latest album reminds me of Counterparts.
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