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Originally Posted by voldak View Post
I've heard a lot of good things about Tommy Aldridge. I actually called a music store about 90 miles away to ask them a question, and they wanted to let me know that Tommy will be coming through on a tour. I'm definitely going to try to be there. Anybody ever been to a clinic with Tommy?
Yes I have. In 1991. I was 22. I had been playing for 4 years at that point. He was great. Everyone was blown away. The most interesting thing about it was a kid in the audience (about 11 years old) asked Tommy (cant remember word for word) why he cant or doesnt play like Neil Peart. And I believe why he doesnt play alot of percussion. Tommy went on to say that Neil was not a percussion played like Alex Acuna. And then said, Gregg Bissonette is not John Bonham. Gregg's my favorite drummer and I had a lesson w/him that day, and at first I thought he was ragging on Gregg. Then I realized, he was saying that everyone has something to offer and because one doesnt play like another does not make that drummer a bad drummer. Anyway, alot of great hand/foot patterns and just great hard rock drumming.
Do what you can to make it to the clinic.

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