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Originally Posted by mikeybbdrummin View Post
Tommy is a great drummer and influence to a lot of drummers. A double bass master back in the day and now. The problem is that now w/the likes of, Lang, Minnimen, Donati, and Grant Collins they have taken double bass to a new extreme. And Jordison, Roddy, Adler and many more have extreme speed. So by todays standards, as great as Tommy is he could get looked at as average along w/ Alex Van Halen, Deen Castronova, Gregg Bissonette and others that have used it well but not gone to the extremes.
Still, Tommy is a big influence to many, many drummers. Myself included.
Ummm, Speed isn't everything. Where he places patterens and how he places them are awesome! It's his feel I guess.
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