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Default Re: my starclassic birch... oh yeah

wow buncha hits... for starters, it was shot in emerald masterfonics studios in nashville (now bankrupt, such a shame). it took me about 5 years to put this whole kit together, trust me i cant afford something like that all at once, but i decided what i wanted and set my mind to it. as for the heads, the birch shells in combination w/pins and rings work great for studio rock/pop/country work, but for live and/or jazz styles i'll use coated or clear ambassadors for a bit more tone- show up at a nashville session with pins and the engineer/producer will love you. as for snares, i'm lookin into a steve gadd sig or maybe a maple 7x14, somethin to fatten it up a bit. thanks for the kind words, i just recently got on this site and it already feels like home... awwwwwww...
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