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Default my starclassic birch... oh yeah

for all who care:
starclassic performer in white silk (the birch shells). zildjian cymbs, tama hardware (iron cobra pedals and hat stand, Roadpro double braced stands), Remo pinstripes batter and evans g1 resonant heads, Roc-n-soc throne (not the hydraulic one). gonna shop for a new snare pretty soon. its setup kinda different now- i got sick of luggin so much around from gig to gig so i slimmed it down a bit, and lowered the crashes for better reach and so the ladies could see me better on stage (picked that one up from Ringo) and cut down that pesky hi-hat rod, but all that you see hear is for studio use. sorry about the pic- forgot my camera for the session so had to use my phone hehe... technology. i will post some new pics soon when i get off my rear...
*More pics below
8x10,9x12,11x14 toms, 18x22 kick, 5.5x14 and 6x10 snares
18" A Custom projection crash (left)
19" A Custom meduim crash (right)
14" A zildjian quick beat top/ mastersound bottom hats
21" A Zildjian sweet ride
12" and 18" oriental chinas
9" oriental spash
6" A Custom splash
6" Zil-Bel (not pictured here, usually stacked on top of my 12" china, inverted)
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Control, Control, Control...
My kit

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