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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Phil, fairly mature subject matter for what can be mostly a young crowd. I completely agree with you but I also think it's important (for my own sanity) to remember that it's all relative. I haven't lived in a "city" in almost a decade. I constantly have to remind myself that I was privaledged enough to have had a college education and traveled and have a broad perspective when I find myself feeling frustrated by "pop-culture". As we say in my family "it is what it is"...

The truth is that a lot of folks in these little towns just don't know any better. That's the reason the food sucks so bad where I live. I seriously have to drive about 3 hours to eat decent Sushi! But at the same time, I probably would be crushed under the weight of a place like NYC. I'm jealous of you for your abilities as a musician and your opportunities to see the world while doing what you love. It's truly a blessing and you've worked hard to achieve it. I also appreciate the fact that you display more dimension to yourself than the fact that "I have insane independance and wicked chops". We are all artists sharing a unique path while trying to avoid the plethora of cerebral pitfalls that are constantly set before us by what can be a grotesque socio-economic history which to me seems less and less a USA vs. the world thing and more a have/have not issue in general.

Whew... All this is magnified even more for me as I wonder what my son will respond to as he grows up.
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