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Yeah...Although , it is not the end of the world here. There are many other places with great music. NY is a great place to learn and stretch and grow. Like no other. BUT....there are better standards of living outside America, IMHO. American culture....I think anyway...has hit an all time low. To be honest...If it wasn't for NY...I probably wouldn't be in the US.

All these characters here get an insane amount of attention and basically can do nothing nor have they ever done anything. (Lohan, Hilton etc etc etc) While people who are incredible geniuses get ignored and are known only to those who make an effort to break out of this matrix of western culture. I thought I was going nuts but....There was an interview with Paul Simon, on a talk show...program called Charlie Rose here in the US. He said EXACTLY the same thing. The economic engine of this country relies on its people being dumbed down and docile. As so many other people have already said. It is more apparent to me now. More then ever. It is still a great country. But believe me...I travel allot! Get so many different points of views and hear things that are not in the mainstream media in America. It is amazing to me...simply amazing. I have questioned many beliefs that got pounded into me as a kid. And have come to terms with my country. What it really is. But it saddens me deeply, to see people I this way. In debt...economic slavery, with no health care, losing their homes. All they have worked for...etc etc. And still dreaming of becoming a quick millionaire or getting to be on a reality show! Whooppie dooo! hahaha

I think musicians have to be and are...on the cutting edge ideologically. Putting ourselves in between the mediocrity and media machine that controls so much.

check this out

Read about him and then tell me ...if you still feel the same.
I know this is a drum forum and not political...but...sometimes, there are some things that make me so mad. I have to vent! Any thoughts are welcome.

Live to play!
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