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Default Re: The "Support" thread...

I came across this thread while searching to see if i should post a similar thread, and i noticed that it hasnt had a post in a while, so im going to add to it.

Firstly there is all my friends, the majority of whom are musicians in their own right and are always up for a jam and a listen to any music i happen to be involved in.
They are always up for giving me an honest opinion and giving me new ideas for my music, whichever instrument i choose to write it on.

My current band mates, Ian and Neil, who will always give me creative control over my own instrument and are willing to give me suggestions for improvements. They are in turn willing to listen to any suggestions i may have with an objective opinion. These guys are my main connection to music and from each of them i have learned a lot and have an excellent friendship.

My guitar teacher, Ian McCole, who taught me all i ever need to know about the joys of music.

My family, cause without them i would never be the musician i am today without them. They bought me my first guitar at the age of ten and then first drum kit at the age of fifteen.
They put up with the noise and they were willing to make a considerable financial input to my passion. They show an active interest in everything i do, and suppport me all the way, which i will always be greatfull for

My girlfriend, Joanne, She has been an absolute god send for me. She puts up with my rambling about the latest Zildjian, bass pedal, drum solo - ANYTHING! She also agree's to come drum shopping with me even though it bores her stiff, and is always willing to listen to anything i play or anything im talking about.
She supports my music and at the same time brings me back down to earth and reminds me not to take myself too seriously .

And lastly, you guy from drummerworld, you have all helped my kickstart my passion for drums and are a fantastic resource for young and old drummers alike.

That about covers it, thanks Karl for starting such and awesome thread :D

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