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Originally Posted by SmoothJazz View Post
Cool, I never knew Ludwig offered that finish in the 70's. Work on the Big Beat or the Supra. The acrolite, meh, unless they were of higher quality back then.
If you ever get a chance give the 1960's anondized Acrolite's a shot.
In my opinion, and I'm a Supra Phonic kinda person, they are one of the best snares around.........

Got the Kit set-up with the first configuration I'll try. I played a SuperClassic Outfit (White Marine Pearl) from 1969 to '78 and have been going back to my roots with a one up, one down set-up but figured since I had them I might just as well include the 13 & 14..........................

Snare: Mid 80's Hammered Shell Supra-Phonic 400 (5 x 14) w/Coated Ambassador
Heads: Aquarian Texture Coated Response 2's over Classic Clears w/Texture Coated SuperKick II "over" Ludwig Heavy Reso.
Cymbals: 14" K Custom Dark Hi-Hats, 16" A Med Thin Crash, 17" K Custom Fast Crash, 18 Paiste 2002 Ride, 20" K Custom Med Ride.
10" early Sabian Splash (smaller Zildjian type bell)

There can be an awful fine line between a rut & a groove............

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