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4) Word on both comments. That's a wonderful tune. As for Lukather, he's a mofo live. I've seen Toto a half dozen times now and I never leave disappointed.

5) Gypsy Train is a nice tune as well. It shows Porcaro's ability to play it heavy when need be.

Toto is one of those bands that is under-appreciated because the tunes that everyone hears on the radio (or in the elevator) are the commercial sell-out tunes that a band needs to write to get album sales (i.e. radio play). I get tired of the "Toto? You mean Africa? What a gay band." comments. Then you pull out a tune like "Dave's Gone Skiing" or "Jake to the Bone" and you get to hear the harder side of Toto.

Lukather to guitarists is Porcaro to drummers. Never overstated, always just the right playing for the song but when they let loose, look the F out.

Originally Posted by Womble
4) TOTO, The Seventh One: features what I think is Jeff's best ever shuffle on the track 'These chains'. And a great Lukather solo at the end, but then every solo that guy plays is amazing.

5) TOTO, Kingdom of Desire: bad album, but the track 'How many times' has one of the greatest Jeff fills ever. You can hear it on Keith Kronin's 'Drum licks from hell' site -
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