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Originally Posted by ludwigvondrumcrazy View Post
After spending over a year in "The Pile" my 1979 Big Beat + 1 has been thoroughly reconditioned and is ready for many years of service................

The original Outfit is 12, 13, 16 & 22 (Big Beat) with the 14 a separate addition that dates to the early 1980's.....................

This was one of those Oufits that are out there but hard to find, having been played for only a couple of years then stored since that time. I was lucky to get it almost complete, original Stands, Pedal & Throne, with the only thing missing the original Snare & Stand. Based on the wear I saw when working the Stands, Throne & Pedal, not to mention the Kit itself, this Outfit was definitely never used for Gigging..............

Now I just have to decide whether to work a 1971 Blue Oyster Pearl Big Beat, a Supra-Phonic, or an Acrolite.
After cleaning Drums & Hardware 6 - 8 hours a day for over a year now a break might be in order, but I doubt that will happen.........

Cool, I never knew Ludwig offered that finish in the 70's. Work on the Big Beat or the Supra. The acrolite, meh, unless they were of higher quality back then. But there are so many of them on ebay, seems like everyone has one.

And only a week left until I get my Luddies, time flies by so fast, yet so slow.
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