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Default Re: posts decreasing?

Originally Posted by fijjibo View Post
Care to share them with us?

The only con I can think of is that some members pick on those with a smaller post count than them - but even that doesnt happen often.

Con's: of having a post count.

The one you mentioned.
Meaningless posts to rack up count.
Meaningless threads to rack up count.
Can encourage trolling.
Members feeling superior toward others based on number of posts. Seen it before.
Post counts being the topic of threads such as this one.
Unwarranted justification of breaking or challenging rules.
Too much worrying about the count instead of quality of posts/threads.

Pro's: of having a post count.

Can't think of any.

Con's: of getting rid of it.

Can't think of any.

Pro's: of getting rid of it.

Would probably cut down on meaninless post/threads.
Caliber of meaningful and informative discussion would proabably rise and be more visible as a whole.

Just my opinion on the matter. Doesn't make it fact.
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