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Awesome input so far guys. The font for the band's logo is here. The name of the font is PlagueDeath, it's a pretty nice freebie I found.

As far as ideas that we have for album art, we really have none at all. The album is named for a song on the album, titled "A Good Morning". The song is basically saying to take chances in love. The lyrics are something along the lines of this: "following your heart, leads nowhere, except into this abyss.....i hope to find you there". I hope i didn't butcher my buddy's lyrics too much. It's a beautiful song. Acoustic, lovely. Some of the other songs from the album are on the myspace too.

Basically, we are just looking for something along the lines of the song above, but visual. We are not artist in that sort of way, so we just draw blanks as far as ideas go.
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