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Default Re: Has anyone seen dream theater?

Originally Posted by beefythedrummer View Post
Because they are playing around me next week =) I'll somehow have to find the money for the tickets but I think I'll be able too. Sorry, I just had to get the excitement out and was wondering if anyone has ever seen them live before.
I was at the April 1st 20th aniversary concert at Radio City Music Hall on dvd :) awsome concert. obviously, i like the band very much (see my user name haha). and this really sucks, when they're playing in Texas, I'm still in NY, and when I move to Texas, they're playing in NY :( . oh and the band that's opening for them, Into Eternity, I took classes taught by their drummer (Steve Bolognese) at the Berklee Percussion Festival a few weeks ago. ultra cool guy. very personable. great drummer too. lots of knowledge.
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