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I think Tommy Lee is a great rock drummer/performer. He has tons of energy behind the kit and a great entertainment factor. Very solid rock drummer as far as I'm concerned. I gotta laugh when Virgil and Weckl wannabe's that sit around practicing 14 hours a day run there mouths about how rock guys like Tommy and Barker "s u c k". Been through that phase in my drumming life and soo glad i'm out of it. Tommy is a damn good rock drummer and no drum nerd playing 15 hours a day in their basement is gonna convince me otherwise :)
Well said! And we all know who these nerds are without having to mention their names.

The thing I don't get is you see a thread Named Tommy lee who you obviously don't like for whatever reason and yet you feel you need to share that with those who enjoy the guy so much that they made a thread about him...Thats Nice nerds.

I don't enjoy watching Donati play but you won't see my name in the Virgil Donati thread..
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