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There are some very interesting questions and answers on the Vinnie webpage:

Question: Has yours or Steve Gadd's head ever exploded on stage? - ( - 1/23/2006 )

Answer: Once, I think that my head actually 'imploded' and went through a wormhole and back, BEFORE it even happened in linear time, so thankfully nobody noticed! Whew!

Question: Hello Mr Colaiutta: My wife is pregnant ( I think this is the best gift from god for a couple in love like Maria (my wife) and me) and I make my wife listen great music (karizma - document my favourite included). Do you think it is good for the child? I want him to be a musician because I think music is the most wonderful art. Which age do you think is good for children to get involve in music? Thanks a lot. - (Tito Julio - 5/12/2005 )

Answer: Congratulations! And, amen. Yes, I think it is good for the child to be exposed to great music during pregnancy, and always. I think that exposure to great music and art immediately is a good age. And, I would have he or she tell you whether he or she wants to be a musician. I wouldn't force it, but I certainly would foster it.

Question: This ist more a prophetical question :-)
Is it possible to book you for some drumlessons when we are all in heaven? I think in the heaven there will be a drum department, harp playing is not my bussines. - (Beat Kunz - 3/7/2005 )

Answer: :-) Maybe then The Lord will give us ALL more lessons!
Bless ya!

Question: How and when did you give your life to the Lord JesusChrist? - (Cristian Borneo - 3/3/2005 )

Answer: Around March 10, 1998. Amen!

Question: My question is very simple, Vinnie: what's on your mind when you are playing? - (Akira Jimbo - 11/3/2000 )

Answer: Not much, if anything. It also depends somewhat on the circumstances - as they are all different, yet similar. The most important elements in playing music are to trust and surrender with developed discernment.

Check out the page:

And keep 'em comin'.
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