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I'm glad this discussion is going on. It gives me a chance to think of why I like Neil as a drummer so much. The point about the era and influences is great. I first listened to Joey Kramer and then Nicko. Then came Neil with his huge set up and "multi-percussive" approach to rock music. I have since moved on to Dennis Chambers and Lang.

Neil has applied new and exciting ways to play multiple parts to progressive rock anthems. Check out Xanadu, The Trees, Mystic Rhythms, Territories, Scars...these songs span decades and really show the creativity of Neil. People have to remember: Neil invented these parts. Anyone can sit there and copy it and say, "big deal". But try to invent something like what he has.

He really got me excited to play drums. I remember a Test for Echo show in Detroit with a sold out crowd clapping along to his electronic part leading to the "Scars" section. Afterward, the standing ovation was huge and minutes long. Great moment in my life.

He has influenced many people with more reasons than newer drummers may ever know. Discovery is a wonderful thing.
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