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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Nathan M. (clever user name huh?)
age? 31
how long been playing? since i was 14...with large gaps
origin of user name? you work it out.
top 5 drummers?i bet you don't know this lot (not top - but drummers that i like) Bernard purdie,Brent McLachlan , Hasmish Kilgour, Adam Pierce, Ringo Starr and Bevan Smith
make of drumkit? tama
make of cymbal? Zildjian
where do you practice? studio
are you in a band? yes
covers or originals? orginal. never played a cover (whilst in band - not practice) in my life - what's the point (not including jazz, that i understand)
what style of music? left field rock - rock music which is trying new and interesting things (M83, mice parade...etc)
favourite take out food? none.
country? from NZ living in london.
one really odd fact about yourself? none of your business....
how did you start drumming? how? i taught myself. i save d for a kit and got one. (don't you mean why? (far more intresting)) always wanted too...since i was old enough to walk (honest)

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