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Very well put, Jason. I just saw Rush Friday night at the White River Amphitheater, and it was a great show! We've all heard the joke about the drum solo being "Bathroom-break time." Well, I can tell you that people were as enthusiastic about Peart's solo as any other part of the show. He got huge cheers from the crowd, and people watched the whole thing attentively. The place was packed, despite the rain, and it was a very fun crowd - everybody happy and energetic.

Frankly, I can appreciate the technicality of many great drummers' solos, but I truly do not enjoy most of them. In that way, I think I'm more like a non-drumming listener. But I enjoy Peart's solo at Rush shows. It's interesting, it moves, it is a true composition. Most technically complicated? Nah. Most fun for the general listener? Yeah, I believe so. At least that's what I've seen at all the Rush shows I've attended over the years.

If you don't get it, that's fine. There are certainly enough of us who do.
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