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Originally Posted by jumping joe
More to the point he came up with the idea and did it first. He made it even more exciting to the crowed and the world, he's really the main man of motley crue and hes the drummer! (not the leed singer) just proves to us all we dont have to be the insignificant guy up the back. As drummers we need to entertain. Most drummers dont relize that live enertianing is about 50% of our job! WE HAVE TO ENTERTAIN! Tommy does that and the crowed love him for it. Hes style of music requiers that and he is pionering that area of drumming. Wheres the respect. Bet ud like to trow ur sticks 5 stories high and catch it again whist playing! And u must keep in mind its not what you can play, its how you play it. Thats why he's there and were not.
Very true Joe, but I just feel i shouldn't have to do that kind of stuff, i thought when people came to one of my gigs, the music was entertainment enough. I can understand getting into the music which happens when you play. If they wanted a show, they should have went to a play or something. That's why I am not a big fan of this genre of music, nor this drummer. But that's just my opinion, and i should stop posting haha, cause i prolly made my point across amillion times now.
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