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Heres mine.

1980's Luddies(black and white badge), rewrapped in "Black Charcoal". Some guy from Chicago rewrapped them, and did an excellent job. That was about 5 years ago or so, I've had these for 10 years now.

(Diam. x Depth)
Kick - 22x18
Floor - 16x16
Tom - 13x11 (not pictures)
Tom - 12x10
Snare - 14x6.5 (Rocker Series) But soon to be either Ludwig Supra-Phonic 402 or Black Beauty w/ SS snares

Evans Heads
Toms - G2 coated/G1 clear
Snare - SD14/Hazy 300
Kick - EMAD/Aquarian Regulator

Sabian Cymbals
Hi-Hat - 14" XS20
Crash - 16" XS20
Crash - 16" Rock Ride (old)
Crash - 18" AAXplosion
Ride - 21" AA medium

Ludwig Hi-Hat Stand, Ludwig Double Pedal (Soon to be changed to DW pedal, either 5000 or 9000), Ludwig Straight Stand, Ludwig Snare Stand, Peace Stand (holding tom, LP cowbell, and XS20 Crash), 2 PDP boom/straight stands

LP cowbell

Pro-mark 5B sticks, Pro-mark Thunder Rods, Sound Percussion Throne


Out in Front

Above Shot

Driver's Seat

Side Shot
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