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I noticed that Paul Quin gave input in this thread on Pat Petrillo's "Hands, Grooves, & Fills". I got mine a month ago, and it has really helped me...Here's my review..

I've been playing for about 15 years, and have taken a lot of lessons. I had heard of Pat before, but then I saw his clips here on drummerworld and the chain!...I had to get "Hands, Grooves, & Fills" covers everything it says in the title and then some...

He's a monster drummer, smooth and fluid ,with a great feel and pocket, but he's an even better teacher!...Real personable....He gives you step by step lessons on the rudiments, and some excellent hand exercises, which is all about a relaxed rebound. His warmups are really helpful. He developed this Rudiment TAB System, which assigns a TAB symbol to each rudiment which then can be combined into great phrases..

The grooves section has over 50 Play Along tracks., included on the MP3 CD. Many groove based books have a lot of grooves, but they are very similar, one note added or removed. Not this book! Each one is VERY unique and no repeated patterns. Live band as well, playing in a different 'groove style" (Funk R&B, Rock, etc) Its an awesome feeling to jam with a great band. I especially like the "Nawlin' Funk", and "Gospel R&B tracks" !

The fills section is what I was looking forward to seeing. Now I know how to do some movements and phrasings that I have heard others do, but couldn't figure it out. It will take me a minute to work them out, but the DVD shows me some orchestrations and variations from the book. It really is one of the BEST DVD/Books I have in my collection, and I have ALL the Hudson stuff. Its a teaching DVD, and a performance DVD all in one. Quality was great...a couple minor issues with sync locking music to audio..not a big deal...

A DVD/Book/and MP3 CD with Play Alongs for $39.95. WELL Worth it!! 5 Stars! b.s...

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