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Default Re: Bouncing Pedal fixed by hole?

Originally Posted by maniacondrums View Post
I recently emailed dw and complained about the fact my 7000 pedal bounces massively. I got a reply saying that if I were to cut a 6" inch Porthole, It would let more air out solving the problem. Can I have a few opinions on that.
The hole definitely solves the pedal bounce problem, which is the only reason I have a hole in my front head. To me, it requires a completely different foot technique to play on kit with no hole in the front head.

I'd like to know more about how to successfully play without the hole, because at times I have been required to play on a backline or house kit that has no hole and it is awful for me.

If anyone has any input on, or suggestions for this, I would love to hear it!! Thanks.
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