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Simple Axis bottom plate mod, adds stability, playability w/heavy playing.

Mod plate: 1/4" thick aluminum stock
7" across the front
6" across at the rear
5 7/8" amidships
14 1/4" front to back

Stock plate:
5 1/4" across the front
4" across at rear
3 7/8" amidships
14" front to back

Less tipping side to side under heavy playing with the bigger plate(s). This mod is easy, you have stock plate as a template with holes already in place. Design of mod'ed plate follows the stock outline, larger of course.

Mark out the shape, cut on band saw, grind edges, mark, punch and drill holes, obviously a sharp bit and a drill press or mill works beat. Counter sink bottom holes, assemble, done.

Axis will probably do this mod for you if you inquire, may or may not be cost effictive compared to local machine shop. If your in school, easy metal shop project.

Foot board plates are 16 ga aluminum stock cut to custom shape that loosly resembles stock Axis foot board. Wider foot boards facilitate barefoot heel-toe technique. These plates are velcro'ed on top of stock Axis foot board(s).

The black layer on top is a Wal-Mart item called 'Foamies' 9x12" sheets of 2 mm thick foam with an adhesive backing found in the 'craft section' and .50 a sheet, cut to shape, peel and stick. Great for bare foot playing.
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