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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

If you are making your statement based on your ear, fyou got an ear better than a dog!
Do you have the pitch listening device that compares feedback waves? Bet you don't!
Next you say you play all dynamics, that's great, but in reality you will never hit at the same angle or same intensitiy as previous strokes, to many variables, you are not hearing pitch differences in your sticks, but in the way you aprroach.
Based on the number of sticks you break, it's you not the sticks. Sure we all break some, but based on what you have eluded to, you are probably using a lot of arm and mass behind each hit, and based on your age, it's my assumption you are probably into trash, metal and hard rock! Try studying the physics of each stroke so the way you appraoch delivers exactly what you want without using so much energy. So lighten up a bit! You don't have to hit the kit as though your life depended on it!
You can say what you want about VF, but you don't have the equipment to back the statement that they don't pitch match.
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