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Default Re: Bernhard, can we become DrummerWorld endorsers?

Originally Posted by 00Schneider View Post
The sticks itself would be no problem, the problem is how to finance it. Sticker or T-Shirts is easy, they are only made with an order. To finance some lanyards could also work without a greater risk (with about 200 pieces it starts with good prices...). But with sticks you have more financial effort, there you need a certain number of binding orders in advance. Or you need someone (a shop or manufacturer) who takes the risk for you or produces also small orders without much extra charge.

I say that because we did those things. "We" means, the biggest german online community for drumming. It's a bit easier for us, our members are mostly in germany, but drummerworld members come from all over the world. We had some members who financed those action in advance, with their own money (private, no company or something else). Luckily all things worked, everbody got all their money back. But with the sticks all buyers had to pay in advance. You can imagine the costs of 500 pairs...

All I want to say: it's not easy for someone to set up those things for a worldwide community.

But I wish Bernhard all the best, and you know, I will help you if I can.

Thanks for your help Schneider. But to be true: I't not a financial question - it's a question of motivation. What's the need for Drummerworld-Drumsticks really?

After the VERY dissappointing attempt try and error and NO resonance, after everybody cried for these things....just a certain lack of motivation came up now - must not have.

I will create a nice shirt soon....and buy it then for myself - lol.

(Schneider: ich habe einfach keinen Bock, gehe lieber Harley fahren....)

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