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Originally Posted by negativeattitude View Post
Just thought I'd contribute a few Tommy kit pics. This is his Sonor kit from the first part of the T.O.P. tour (before he switched to Pearl) along with a Girlsx3 snare that was up for sale a while back. I checked the story with Tommy's sis and she confirmed that they were the real deal. She said that Tommy gave them to her years ago and her husband James Kottak (Scorpions) cleaned out the storage where they were at last year and they decided to sell them. She speaks about them in the issue of DRUM with Tommy on the cover. They sold for $2700.00. The kicks are reversed in these pics. I wanted them, but at the time I couldn't afford them.
I would kill for something like that!!!! Do you know who has them now??? Do ya have any specs???
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